Tuesday, January 3, 2012

'Buy 3 Get 1 FREE for Shawls'

'Buy 3 Get 1 FREE for Shawls'
IDR 70,000 / pcs

Greeny Straight Shawl

Gina Straight Shawl

Apple Green Straight Shawl

Apple Green Two Tone Straight Shawl

Juicy Straight Shawl

Vibrant Orange Straight Shawl

Medley Straight and Tubular Shawl

Grey Stripe Straight Shawl

Red Stripe Tubular Shawl

Lola Straight and Tubular Shawl

Loly Straight and Tubular Shawl

Salmon Polka Straight Shawl

Navy Polka Straight Shawl

Pink Polka Straight Shawl

Tosca Straight Shawl

Clara Straight Shawl

Tiffany Straight and Tubular Shawl

Tribal Straight Shawl


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