Friday, January 8, 2010

reference for REtro's

yieeppphiiyyyy ...
I accidentally found a shop that sells a variety of magazines.
and I find many fashion magazines the world that makes me want to buy everything. no surprise that makes my heart happy, I found the catalog "Roberto Cavalli Fall Winter 09/10" (which means catalog edition now, still new!).
after selecting another cool I also find the catalog mangoand a catalog of branded goods Brand's from Japan.
rain started falling and I'm in a hurry to make a payment transaction.
and you all know? all price should I pay for only IDR 40.000,. I was shocked! woooww ....
in my heart to think tomorrow I will go back to look for other catalogs. hehehehe 
all of these catalogs as reference for REtro's products by Re Shoppe

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